Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Louis de Poortere rugs

Whenever I post a picture on Instagram of our persian rug there is always at least one asking where they can buy such a rug. I always have to disappoint: we bought it secondhand so it’s not for sale anywhere. But I have good news! I found out that our rug is a Louis de Poortere and this brand still makes rugs today. So while this particular rug might not be for sale, there are some beautiful rugs from this brand that are. I’ve decided to write about my current favorites on the blog today.

Above is a picture from last summer. This winter we switched the rugs from sitting to dining area; we put the persian rug beneath the dining table (blogpost here). But with spring coming I wanted to add some color to our sitting area so my favorite rug moved to the front of the livingroom (blogpost here).

Design rugs like this are a great way to change the look of your livingroom, without having to change everything. Rearranging some accessories is a great way to change a little in your interior and I love doing that. But if you’re looking for a big change in your home, switch the rug. I’ve written several blogposts on this topic, titled “the effect of rugs”. Those blogposts are here and here and very interesting to read if you want to see the big difference it can make.

So if I was thinking about removing our vintage rug with a new Louis de Poortere, these would be my favorites:

I love this black rug! I might not choose in for the summer period, but I love the statement a black rug can bring. I am thinking about buying this in a small size for our walk-in closet. I think it will look really good there!

This rug screams summer to me! I love the vintage look of it and the light colors. I think it would look great on the wooden floor of our livingroom.

And ofcourse a pink rug. Pink and white, will always look right. I’m sure this rug will add a lot of freshness and sphere to any livingroom.

The last good news I have to share: these rugs are available in a lot of sizes so you can pick the one that fits your interior. Ain’t that great?

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