Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

My bedroom tips


Whenever I post a picture of our bedroom on Instagram or here, I always receive a lot of compliments. I guess people love the serene feel of our bedroom, and so do I. We wanted to create a bright white room, without too many distractions. I’m gonna share my tips to create a comfy and cosy bedroom.

1. Keep the focus on the bed
I like my bedroom to be quite empty. We have a bed, a desk and a closet in it, that’s it. It’s purely focused on what a bedroom is for: relaxing. So if you have the space to clear out all the non-bedroom items, it’s worth it.


2. Use odd shapes in your advantage
While I feel like I’m insulting our beautiful bay window by calling it an “odd shape”, I do stand behind this tip. You would still notice the shape without the desk, but it accentuates exactly the thing we want to accentuate. Whenever I show people our bedroom, they always say something about the desk and bay window. If you have an odd space, try adding a desk/make-up area. You can always DIY if you can’t find something that fits.


3. Keep your clothes nearby
I know, we are very lucky with our big bedroom. It used to be 2 rooms, a previous owner of our house made them into 1. It gave us the perfect opportunity to add a (walkin) closet. Every girls dream, right? But, it’s also very practical. When you get up in the morning you can easily get your clothes. A bedroom should always be comfortable and practical.



4. Paint your radiator the same color as your wall
Radiators are essential, but not very pretty. We painted 1 wall a grayish green (Kiezelgroen van Flexa) and that white radiator popped out in all the wrong ways. So I painted it the same color as the wall. It blends in now, and it looks much better now.


5. Add a blanket
Our bed is not very pretty. Comfy, but not pretty. So I always add a white blanket to cover up the ugly bottom. My last tip for you :)



Shopping info:
Desk: Ikea Lisabo
Chair: Panton by Vitra
Chair next to closet: HAY J110
Closet: PAX by Ikea
Gold side table: Cupid from Zuiver, via Eyoba
Andy Warhol posters: Moderna Museet
Lamp: Ikea Joxtorp

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