Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Our garden pt 2

Last week I shared some photos of our hydrangea garden and today I will show you the last bit of our garden and share my tips on how to create a cosy garden. Hope you like these posts! And I know, I’m super late to the “sharing my garden for inspiration” train, but in reality our garden is at it’s best late in the season so it is what it is. Please remember those tips for when you redo your garden last year, ha ;)

I feel styling your garden is practically the same as styling the inside of your house. It’s all about combining shapes and sizes!

And while combining several sizes does a great deal, the ultimate styling tip I can give you is working the height as well. In your livingroom you would put a frame on your wall, outside you can do the same. In this case, we hung a plant on our sunshade and added the gorgeous Bau Balcony Box by Ferm Living hanging on our fence. I chose the black color for some contrast and added some plants that will bloom in this fall season.

It’s designed by Herman Studio and it’s so pretty I hesitated to find a place for it inside. But as the photos above suggest, it’s the perfect finishing touch for our garden. For years I took the garden for granted, but now that we’ve finished it into details, I am enjoying the view from our livingroom every single day.

We do have the wish to upgrade our garden furniture next year, I’m thinking a steel table. So I find myself browsing this garden page for inspiration a lot of the time. This year our focus was on finishing the green part, and hopefully we can finish the furniture part next year. Already excited about that!

While our garden is small, we build this bench ourselves and it means we can host a lot of people. We once had a barbecue for 15 people here and I loved it! A lot of people sat on the bench and we grabbed some chairs from the inside. A DIY project I’m still very proud of.

This part of our garden we finished this year. It was still a big mess and we finished it with some tiles and a lot of greens.

As a last finishing touch, we added a string of lights and it’s so cosy putting them on in the evening!

Hope you liked reading about our garden! If you have any questions left, let me know ♥

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with MisterDesign. I only work with brands/shops I love.

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