Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Our hydrangea garden

A very simple post on the blog today, filled with photos. I’ve been meaning to do this blogpost for such a long time, but in reality I had to wait until our hydrangeas were at their best, ha.

We planted these hydrangeas a few years ago and they are incredible. This type is called Limelight and blooms later in the season. They can grow up to 8 meters and they have grown so much since we planted them. The result therefor turned out even more amazing than we could imagine; a true flower wall.

Our garden is a small city garden. If you take the photo above, behind me we have a terrace and on the right some more garden. I will have to show you that part later, because I’m waiting for one more addition that will finish it. But while our garden is small, we did our best trying to create a green surrounding that would look good to us and would do it’s best for nature as well. We added a lot of greens, pots for worms and sow-bugs, etcetera. Completely tiled gardens are incredibly damaging to the already heating up earth so we tried to do the best we could, while creating a cosy garden for ourselves as well.

I posted about our garden before, you can see that HERE. For now, some hydrangea spam ♥

The start of our wooden terrace. More soon!
Our poor hosta’s, almost completely eaten by snails..

We planted the tree this spring, and added two more to the other part of our garden, next to 2 in our front garden. As trees are very important for fighting the climate change, we did our best in our tiny garden.

And a last peak at our table, with the fig I took with us from our holiday in Italy in May. Love that it started growing! If you want to see more of our garden, keep an eye out on the blog.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Marrit

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