Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

The effect of rugs


Since I am a total rug-hoarder, this blogpost was meant to happen. Rugs are a great way to spice up your interior, or as “The Dude” said in the movie The Big Lebowski: “it just ties the room together, man”. Yes, it does!


This persian rug has been laying around our livingroom since we moved in. It matches the colors of the couch perfectly and therefor blends in. But with the colors it also brings in a happy feel. The size fits our corner perfectly, since it just surrounds the couch.


A rug that is too small, is never a good idea.


Even moved a bit under the couch, it doesn’t do something for the sitting area. The color grey makes the couch suddenly look plain, which is a shame. So, this rug will go upstairs again and probably never used again.


I was totally surprised by this rug. It’s bold, so I thought it would be way too much next to our couch, but it didn’t. The rug itself also has a soft blue in it, I think that’s why it works. If you want to make a statement, use this one.


With rugs you can wonder if it should be under the couch or not. If you ask me, it’s just a matter of taste. It depends on what you want: if you want a cosy sitting area, you want to pull it under the couch. If you want to highlight the whole area (for instance with the TV in front of the couch), I would go for your rug in the middle. If your doubting, try both ways, take pictures and compare those too.

(being an interior blogger is so hard)


Now let’s go back to the top picture. Quite a difference right? I like all the rugs (except the small one), and I like change so that’s a perfect match. When we feel we want to make a statement, we use the bright pink 2×3 persian rug. For a softer, but still colorful look, we use the pastel persian rug. If we want to blend in, we use the one above.

Which one do you prefer? I hope you liked this post, I know I did!

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