My top 5 favourite design chairs

Today we’re talking about design chairs on the blog. Chairs are my favorite interior item and my first designer item was – what do you know – a chair. It felt really special to buy it, because it was the biggest amount of money I had ever spent on a chair so I saved for it until I was ready to buy it. And what happens with items you save for, they will always have a special place in your heart. I believe in the sustainability of these products, because you thought about it a lot before buying. Usually those items last a lot longer than the ones you buy in a heartbeat. Over the years I’ve added some more design chairs to the collection and they are all very dear to me.

So today I’ve listed a top 5 of my favourite design chairs. Some of them we already have, some of them we don’t. Fingers crossed they will happen sometime soon :)

#1 The Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen
Can you believe this chair is my number 1 and we don’t even have it? It’s actually my husbands number 1 as well. We love the design that is simple and so elegant at the same time. Stunning! The honest truth about why we don’t have this one yet, is that it’s a bit more expensive than the other design chairs we have. This means it’s harder to save for because, well you know, before I have that amount of money ready I’ve already spent my money on something else. But no doubt in my mind that we will have this chair one day. Or maybe even 6 of them, because I love those images where they have them lined up in a row.

#2 Everything from Eames for Vitra
If we’re doing a post on designers, of course Eames had to be involved. My favourite designers without a doubt and we have quite a few items of them already. The two chairs you see in the photo above are the Eames DSW (left) and the Eames DAR (right). The white chair on the right was the designer chair I was talking about in the beginning, our first designer chair. The design is so timeless and it’s very comfortable as well!

#3 Our butterfly chair from Fritz Hansen
One of our latest additions and this time I chose a funkier color: pink! Designed in 1955 a true design classic and that’s why I really wanted to add it to our collection.

#4 The Fiber Chair collection by Muuto
This chair comes in so many designs that I simply couldn’t choose which one I liked most, you should just check them our for yourself. Metal or wooden legs, 4 or 1 leg; they have it all. One thing I know for sure, if we ever get one it will have to be in this red shade. Love that one!

#5 A stool by Pastoe (a chair would be fine as well)
One of those items I’m hoping to find secondhand for a great bargain, but no luck so far. Sometimes I see those stunningly decorated houses, filled with design items, and then this Pastoe stool somewhere in a corner. I love that idea. A stool you can simply grab if you need an extra seat.

So that was my top 5! Could’ve easily been a top 10, of 35. So many great design chairs available and how I would love to have them all one day. A girl can dream, right?

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