Persian rug in the bedroom

You probably know already I have a big love in life for rugs, especially Persian rugs. We have a few in our house – a quick count led me to 8 – and this pink version is a big favorite of ours. But when I decided to paint our living room, this rug ended up on our attic and I couldn’t let that happen. I was inspired via my Pinterest where I found a few bedrooms with rugs, and I loved them straight away. Not to mention how pretty it is and the character it adds to our bedroom, it’s also VERY comfortable stepping out of bed on a rug.

We are lucky to have a spacious bedroom and I like to keep it quite clean looks wise . I feel bedrooms are for relaxing, so we usually end up with a pretty minimal bedroom, as I feel a lot more stuff would make me restless.

This art gallery was one of our latest projects, and it looks even better with the rug below it. I feel it’s the perfect match, and it matches the interior style “Eclectic” I feel I’m leaning more towards to lately.

So while we obviously are very happy it looks good and makes me bedroom more comfortable, it’s even better to being able to use something that would otherwise be laying in the attic. No pretty rug should be laying unused in an attic, am I right?

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