Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY wall hanging


As a blogger and a DIY-lover I always have a massive I-want-to-DIY-that-one-day and therefor a wide range of DIY’s to try when the weather forces you to stay inside. (Yes, ice skating on the streets for the last few days..) So! This DIY wall hanging is here, and I like it. Thank you Homey Oh My! for your inspiration!


This DIY is super easy and a lot of fun. If you have any yarn/robe laying around the house and a stick (doesn’t have to be copper, wood is also fine) you’re good to go! I don’t usually work with yellow, but since this DIY reminds me of the 70’s, I thought the color was appropriate. And it works really nice with the copper as well.


For the how-to you can check out this article from Homey Oh My. It also shows you have many possibilities when it comes to colors, materials and so the overall look.

Good luck!

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