Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation update: 2nd floor landing

I am SO happy I get to write this post, because it means there is another room finished in our renovation process! For those of you that don’t follow from the start: we bought a house over 3 years ago and had to renovate all the rooms. For those that do follow from the start: yes we are still renovating, lol.

Last winter we had a little renovation break of a few months. We were tired of spending every weekend renovating, tired of the mess, tired of it all. So we decided to take a little break and it’s been good to us. To be quite honest I would be fine with a complete renovation stop, but the reality is that we have a few more rooms to go. And while I hate the renovating part, I would love for the whole house to be finished so yeah, I gotta stay focused on the final result.

So back to the subject of this post: we finished another room in the house! The landing of our 2nd floor has been briefly shown on my blog before, but never fully because it wasn’t finished. We had to idea of building a big closet there from the beginning, so we’re so happy it’s finally here. It’s the room where you enter the second floor, and now it finally is a clean room where you actually want to spend some time because it looks nice instead of messy. Wanna see what it looked like before? I know you love a good before and after :)

Mess, just mess. For months – no wait – years. Besides the window, it looked like this I think for the last 3 years. A room that you just wanna walk away from as fast as possible because the mess just screams at you: “organize me!”. Nah, no fun in that at all. It’s not actually the best “before” photo, because we already painted the ceiling and floor white. But, you get the idea :)

So let me walk you through what we did!

When the new dormer for our 2nd floor arrived, we also installed 2 new windows; 1 for the attic room and 1 for the landing. I’m so happy we didn’t save money on this, because it’s so nice that this landing has natural light now. You’d be surprised to see the difference a window can make.

On the left we built a closet, made of underlayment. It can store a lot of stuff, the reason why we wanted to build it. We don’t have that much storage space in our house, so this is really really nice. Next to that we have a lot of storage as well, but solved a little more budget friendly: by hanging a curtain in front of it. I didn’t want underlayment or wood here, it would just become a little too much. So I searched for a different solution and ended up with this beautiful linen curtain. Such an easy solution, and by adding another texture it really adds to the room. A big thanks to my mother in law for sewing them to size for us.

And here we have the other side of the room. I love the dark red tone of the walls, it feels so cosy.

I cannot show you our staircase yet since that is not finished yet, but of course I will later on.

The truth is we don’t spend that much time on our 2nd floor – as a matter of fact we hardly go there. But it’s just such a nice idea to know that it’s almost finished and who knows what the future holds for us. Needless to say: I am very happy with this new step in our renovation process. Our next step will be the other room of our 2nd floor, can’t wait to show you.

Thank you for reading!
x, Marrit

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