Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

3 ways to use a Pastoe stool

As a design lover my humble opinion is that at least 1 Pastoe stool should be in your house. I’ve been eyeing this beauty for years, it’s just such an iconic design. Next to that, I love that it’s designed in my home country: The Netherlands, by Cees Braakman. And last but not least, it’s designed in the 50’s which is without a doubt my favorite design area. Which makes total sense why I love it so much! This Pastoe stool is available at Flinders, a store specialized in design. That sentence sums up why I love their store so much, it has everything I love ♥

So of course this is a stool, where you can sit on. The obvious way would be to place it at your dining table and leave it there.

And sure, it looks great there! But I’m here to show you that this stool is so much more versatile then that. So: 3 ways to use a Pastoe stool on the blog today!

1. As a plant stand/side table
Like I said, so much more versatile than just a stool! I’m loving this recently updated corner of our livingroom and the Pastoe stool looks great here. Especially with that wild Monstera on it; green and black always look great together.

2. As a nightstand
I was actually looking for new nightstands since our new bed arrived, and I feel this is a great option. Since the stool is quite big, it allows you to work with various styling possibilities and practicality. On my nightstand is a simple table light, basically that’s it – next to my phone during the night. I like it simple, and this Pastoe stool matches that perfectly.

3. As a stool
Of course even as a stool there are loads of possibilities. When trying it out as a nightstand for this blog, I realized that it would look great next to desk in our bedroom as well. The advantage of a stool as opposed to a chair, is that this allows the design of the desk to come out beautifully.

So that’s it! Hope you liked this inspirational post and tell me, which one do you prefer?

Thank you for reading!
x Marrit

PS. This blog is written in collaboration with Flinders. I only work with brand and stores I love ♥

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