Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Well there it is! On my Instagram I already mentioned that we were going to replace the IKEA BESTA cabinets we had in our livingroom for IVAR. A change I was planning for a long time already, I always felt the BESTA were a bit too wide for this area, a bit too white and a bit too low. And while it worked, in the back on my mind I knew that one day we would replace them. And it happened!

These cabinets allow us to have more storage in the livingroom – always a good idea, especially if you have kids. And they also fill up this corner a bit more. We hung them on the wall and I used the last bit of wall paint we had to make them the same shade of the wall. I simply painted them with the wall paint and two layers was enough.

Styling these cabinets had me going a bit longer, because I had to get used to the fact that it was now much higher. Before we had a bunch of plants there, but now it got a little too much together with the FLOS wall light. I did want some plants on it for much-needed contrast, but I put those in the far corner. We still wanted our music equipment there so just a little still-life of accessories was enough, the cabinet was full.

So while we were working on this change I temporarily placed all the plants we had on the floor. Those plant stands from Ferm Living were too high to put on the cabinets now, but then I saw they looked great on the floor. And it works surprisingly well with our toddler! I love that it adds a little bit of contrast to this area as well.

For the last week we have been enjoying this livingroom change a lot! It really gives the livingroom a bit of air, my inner minimalist loves that. It’s a bit more spacious, a bit more calm. So yeah, we’re happy!

Thank you for reading <3 x, Marrit

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