Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Livingroom corner makeover

You know how it goes with new interior items; you think you’re only getting 1 new item but it always result in making some more changes. Well, at least that’s what happens to me! This livingroom corner could use an update for some time now, and it all started with a new light. Let me tell you more :)

I fell in love with this light, and especially the color of it. It’s the Collect Socket High hanging light, designed by Trine Andersen by brand I love Ferm Living. I actually have a few of her designs already, the plant stands and the toilet roll holder. Ferm Living is a brand I really like because it sells timeless items in gorgeous colors. The walls of our livingroom are a warm pinkish tone (Light Peach Blossom by Little Greene, if you’re wondering) and I knew that cool color called “Dusty Blue” would look great against it. I’m having so much fun combining colors and seeing the difference it can make.

Another reason why I wanted this light, because it has indirect light. When you are making a light plan for your room, you should always have a combination of direct and indirect lighting. Indirect light lights up the whole area, direct light only lights up a small spot. The previous light we had here had direct light, but I always felt like we should replace it with an indirect light so this corner would be highlighted more. Something to think about, if you’re looking into lights!

You all know I love design lights so I find myself browsing this category a lot. I can almost feel sad that our house is pretty complete when it comes to lighting. But this light is a great finishing touch for this corner.

So after hanging this light I decided this wall needed a little “dressing up”. I’ve added a photo of our daughter Mia, one of my fave photos of her. While thinking about what I wanted to add to this collage, I knew I wanted it to be a mix of different things. You could do a very modern collage with all the same frames and all in black and white, for example. But I wanted it to be more playful so I switched between frames and added a magazine rack. The end result is a mix of materials, shapes and colors and that’s just what this corner needed.

A monstera to fill out the bottom is also a very good idea ♥ One of my favorite plants for sure, since it’s so wild (and easy to maintain.. :)

So yes, a small makeover with a result I love. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

x Marrit

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