Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

3 ways to style a Vitra Rotary Tray


In today’s blogpost I’ll show you the beautiful Vitra Rotary Tray and 3 ways to style it. You probably know I’m a sucker for everything Vitra but usually I focus on chairs. But it’s small items like this that create a comfy interior so I love showing you the possibilities an item like this has.

This Rotary Tray is designed by Jasper Morrison and is available in 5 colors so you can pick one to match your interior. I chose brown because I knew it would look good next to our poster and brown Eames chair. The top part is movable which gives you some more ways to use it.


1. A display for your candles
With those dark winter days ahead of us I love lighting some candles. When styling my home I try to group items, instead of spreading them around. This Rotary Tray gives me the opportunity to collect several candles together and this way it creates a comfy look.


2. A display for plants
The Urban Jungle trend where we put more and more plants in our homes is far from over yet so off course I had to try using it with plants as well. I used only white pots to create a clean look but you can mix it up if you prefer that.


3. With flowers
As a huge lover of flowers I needed to show you this as well. Same with the plants: for a clean look you use 1 flower, but if you want to try something more adventurous use different flowers. Also you can try to keep 1 color scheme (for instance only red flowers) or just mix it up. Endless possibilities!

A different idea I had was to use it in the kitchen for fruit, or for tableware. I think that will look really nice as well.


Thank you for reading!

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