Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Combining patterns

With the addition of a new plaid in our house, I thought it would a good idea to write a post on mixing patterns, a thing I love doing. As we love Persian rugs in our house, it would be easy to conclude that everything else surrounding it should be calm and more neutral. Well, not for me!

A Persian rug, a Kelim style pillow and a patterned plaid, and somehow it all matches. I’ll let you in on a little trick on how to do this. If you make sure the colors are in the same color palette, you can mix and match all you want. In this case (and throughout our house) I always use muted colors. Not bright green or red, but an earthy forest green, and a burgundy shade of red. This way the colors compliment each other, and the patterns will only add up to the sphere of the setting.

This plaid by brand I love Ferm Living is called Mirage. What I love about it is that the 2 sides of it are so different. One feels lightweight, and the other side feels more moody and earthy with it’s green shade. Two plaids in one, what more could we ask for, right? To me a plaid is the absolute perfect accessory to add texture to your home. As I’m feeling more and more inspired by eclectic interiors, adding texture is my latest interior mission.

With spring around the corner it can still be chilly in the evenings, so a new plaid is the perfect way to keep warm while snuggling on the couch. You can imagine this plaid would look amazing in our dark blue bedroom as well, so I definitely need to try that.

One last thing I wanted to show you the difference you can make by simply using the plaid in different ways. It adds a lot of texture if you drape it over the couch. But if you want it to look more neat, this option above might be more your thing. It still adds the texture of a plaid, but it’s a little more sophisticated. I like this style as well!

So if you’re craving more sphere and texture in your home, try adding a few patterns and colors. If you make sure the color scheme is similar – you really can’t go wrong. Let me know if you need help or have questions.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Marrit

PS. This post is written in collaboration with fonQ.nl. I only work with brands & shops I love.

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