Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Vintage trolley

A while back I saw an image on Pinterest with a vintage trolley in front of a fireplace. It immediately inspired me, and since I have two very similar items like in that image, I wanted to see what that would look like in our house. And I like it! We’ve tried out this setting with two of our favorite design chairs so let me show you the result.

The top image is with our beloved Togo, which we all love in our household. Such a comfortable design classic.

Hi, it’s me!

What I love about this setting, is that the trolley creates an extra layer for me to style. The gold faceted mirror is for sale in my shop Variety Str, but you can imagine I won’t be sad if it doesn’t sell as it looks so good on our fireplace!

The amazing table light is a combination of a Madame Garage foot, and a Palais lampshade. I love the combination of old and new, and the very interesting color palette. I created this combination myself and I love how extravert it is. It may not be for the neutral-lovers, but it’s certainly for me ♥

On the right of our fireplace a combination of candle holders, very fitting for the current winter season.

Eventually we replaced the Togo with this Shell Chair by Carl Hansen and the result feels a little more “airy”. I like both settings and I think we will just switch between them in the coming weeks.

This trolley is one of my favorite vintage finds ever and we’ve been enjoying it for years already. I have always styled it with magazines, as they are a constant source of inspiration for me and this trolley lends itself so well for this purpose.

So, a small post on the blog today with some small changes. Hope you liked it! Have a great day.

Love, Marrit

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