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Learn how to do it yourself.

Carl Hansen Shell Chair

There it is! Finally on the blog; our new Carl Hansen Shell Chair. I have to admit this chair has been here since March, but somehow I haven’t gotten around photographing it for the blog yet. Part of why is that we were making some changes in the livingroom, and I wanted to wait till the final result before I showed you guys. So yes, this blogpost also shows you a sneak of our new (well, vintage) couch. But more on that later, first things (aka amazing design chair) first.

My husband always loved this chair. Whichever design store we would be in, he would sit on this chair with a big smile on his face and dreaming about that one day it would be ours. Little did he know that day would come sooner as expected, as I ordered it for his 30th birthday.

It has been without a doubt the most expensive item I bought for our interior. I had a giftcard that helped me a lot, but it was still a big number that almost kept me up at night. But, I knew it would make a certain someone very happy and I love the idea of chairs-for-life and this is definitely it.

I bought this chair at MisterDesign.nl, one of my favorite design stores I browse regularly. With the help of Sofie (thank you Sofie!) I eventually chose a walnut base and blue fabric on top. My husband and me both love walnut wood and find it so chique. I thought to myself; hey, if I’m going to spend money anyway.. And now I love the result, the contrast between the dark wood and the blue, a color that’s always present in our livingroom.

This Shell Chair is made by Carl Hansen, a brand we love. From Denmark, and the design of this chair is by Hans J. Wegner. Designed already in 1963, I can’t help but love the history this chair brought to our home. On their website they call it “An Architectural Masterpiece” and I can only agree. The “wing-like seat and curved backrest held by a frame with three arched legs”, as I copied from their site. I couldn’t have said it better myself, now could I?

While I haven’t showed this chair on the blog yet, I do noticed my love for using this chairs beautiful design to spice up some photos already, as you can see above.

So, I finally showed you the latest addition to our home. I’m sure of the fact the Carl Hansen Shell Chair will be with us for many, many more years. Thank you for reading ♥

Love, Marrit

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