Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Spiced Honey ceiling

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Yay! I can finally show you the result of our bedroom mini make-over. For a while I had plans to paint the ceiling, to give it even more character. And I really, really love the result.

I had the thought of painting our bedroom ceiling for quite some time. As I was thinking about painting the walls as well, I knew I had to find the perfect neutral. A color that would fit any wall color it would be paired with. And on one day, I knew which color it should be. Spiced Honey by Flexa, the absolute perfect neutral. It is a warm and rich hue, and it’s such a great replacement for the cool white ceiling we had. Spiced Honey is Color of the Year 2019 chosen by Flexa, and after it was announced I always knew I wanted to use it somewhere in our house. I finally found the perfect spot for it. If you wanna see more inspiration regarding this color, click THIS link.

Now without further ado I just wanted to show you all the photos, and hope you like it. Thank you for reading ♥

It fits the wooden frames of our art wall so perfectly ♥ See the difference a rug and colored ceiling makes HERE.
Another great addition to our bedroom; this bedMATE by SUITE702. It’s so convenient for styling your bed and it looks so good!

Dé perfecte kleur voor het plafond in onze slaapkamer; Spiced Honey van Flexa. Al een tijd speelde ik met het idee dit plafond te verven, witte plafonds zijn immers ook maar saai. Op een dag wist ik het; Spiced Honey zou de perfect neutral zijn. Al sinds deze kleur door Flexa werd aangekondigd als Kleur van het Jaar 2019, wist ik dat ik er iets mee wilde gaan doen. En dat is dus het plafond geworden! Wij zijn er heel erg blij mee, de slaapkamer is nog knusser ervan geworden. Hopelijk vinden jullie het ook mooi ♥

PS. This post is not part of a collaboration as I bought the paint myself.

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