Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Gallery wall makeover

On my to-do list for a long time; giving our 1st floor landing a small makeover. We already started by painting the paneling from black to this bright pink shade – see more of that HERE. But, with the previous setting being very black&white, I wanted to change it up with a bit more color. Not only the paint, but the overall look so the gallery wall got a little makeover as well.

You can see what our 1st floor landing looked like before HERE & HERE. The green panelling was our first choice when we renovated this place, but as my husband wasn’t fan of the color we soon changed it to black. With the black we added all those black&white frames and while I loved looking at it for a long time, with our house showing more and more color, art & personality, I wanted a little, well, more than just black&white.

The makeover started with a new lamp, this beauty I bought via Catawiki. I didn’t buy it with a straight plan in mind – but my husband and I loved the design so much when it arrived we wanted to hang it in a place where it would be able to shine (see what I did there?). Our landing featured an IKEA light that was fine, but this is more unique for sure. It’s probably hard to see on photos but it’s so big and I love that! The brass frame and decorated glasses are pretty spectacular, too.

Now while I can’t show you all the shop details because some print are vintage, I will do my best naming them all for you. Here we go:

Top left: HKLiving (old collection), right next to it: Cate Adriana, next to it: b&w photo of Iggy Pop, next to it: Cate Adriana. Bottom left: vintage geisha print, right next to it: Gustav Klimt, right next to it: vintage photograph. Left bottom row: pink birds via Hotel Magique, right next to it: photo by me of my husband, next to it: vintage embroidered, next to it: Amber de Vreng.

I still have the wish to expand this gallery wall even more, but we’ll see whenever we come to that. For now, I think this looks really nice ♥

Thanks for reading!

Love, Marrit

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