Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 16: 1st floor landing

IMG_8980 kopie

I thought my blogpost about our 1st floor landing (NL: overloop) would be written a few weeks after we moved in but it’s a classic example of an idea in my head that just wasn’t realistic. You see that wood/green door popping out in the picture above? I wanted all 4 doors to be like that, but it got too time consuming and expensive. We solved this by just doing 1 door so let me walk you through our story!


When we moved in I immediately started sanding the doors, it took about 4 hours a door to have me completely frustrated. The main reason: 8 layers of paint just don’t disappear with a bit of sanding. So then we bought paint remover and tested this on 1 door. That smell, the horror! Even that wasn’t enough so we needed to apply a second layer of paint remover. And then we were done with our idea. We decided to just do 1 door and paint the others.


Thankfully I really (really really) like the outcome of our failed project! The door just pops out and by coincidence the door displays the same color as we painted the panelling by the stairs. And isn’t it totally cool that by displaying this green color on the door we bring back a little bit of history of the house. If I remember correctly, this shade of green was very popular in the seventies. So that’s an old story and I love that! One of the reasons we wanted an old house.


Since the rest of the landing is all white, it is such a nice place to be. It makes me so happy to see the final result. It’s probably even better than what I imagined!


Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day! If you have any questions about this project, please don’t hesitate to ask.



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