Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

The effect of chairs


Today on the blog one of my favorite things to write about, because I love showing you how to “Do It Yourself” (hence the blog name). I always try to inspire you by writing blogposts like this Not telling you how to do it, but giving you examples so that you can make your own choice.

Today the effect of chairs. I am a complete addict when it comes to buying chairs so we have a lót of chairs. So I took almost all of them downstairs to do this blogpost for you. I will show you a lot of pictures where you can see the complete different look when changing chairs.

First: the chair at the head of the table.


See the difference between the top picture and this one? It is way more open so it gives you the impression of a bigger room. The funny thing is: if the table is like this, I always put a chair there, because I just like it so much. And all our guests sit on that chair. Maybe because it looks the most comfortable, but I guess people just like sitting at the head.


The thing you could do to get best of both worlds, is placing a chair at the head that is more “open”. Again you can see the difference in the 3 pictures above.

Now let’s go to the sides of the table and explore all the options.

Combine chairs that have a different model, color etc:


I just love this. Almost everyday day I change something about the order and I am always amazed at how completely different it looks. And since I am a total chair addict, this gives me the opportunity to use them all (muahaha).

Chairs that are all the same:


While I love the serenity of 3 the same chairs next to each other, I just love chairs too much to want that for my interior. I think combining chairs gives your interior a little more “edge”. But, if you want to go for a consistent look, go for this one.

All “closed” chairs


I love all these chairs separately, but next to each other it just doesn’t work for me. I like open spaces, I guess that’s why. You cannot see under the table anymore, it shuts everything off. So I personally never do this, I always combine “closed” chairs with “open” ones.

All white:


I love white. I really really do. I always add a little bit of color of wood to our table, but if I see the picture, I just love it. White reflects light and adds freshness to every interior. On the other hand you might say it misses some kind of spark, therefor I always combine with other colors or materials.

All black:


Black is such a strong (non-)color and by using all black, you’re making a statement. Black always seems to find it’s way into our house. I use it for some contrast and to add a little personality into our usually white and light-colored home.

So there we have it!
I don’t want to tell you how to decorate your house, I couldn’t because nothing as personal as taste. But, I hope that by seeing the pictures I created above, you can see the differences and make a decision that works for you. Did you enjoy reading this blogpost and have I maybe changed your mind about something? Let me know! :-)

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