Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Vintage Chinese folding screen

Meet my latest vintage treasure, this folding screen/room divider. On my I-want-to-have-one-of-those-one-day list for a long time, and I almost missed it. Let me share the story behind it because it didn’t go easy on me!

On Marktplaats (dutch eBay) you can set search alarms. I had a search alarm for folding screens for a long time, but most items passing by I didn’t find interesting at all. Until this one. And for such a fair price I knew I had to be super super fast. So super fast, that I missed it. The lady who sold it quickly replied that she already had a buyer and I was so sad! I messaged her again stating I was so in love with it and that if it didn’t sell, she would please think of me. Luckily I did, because later that evening she messaged me she wanted it to sell it to me. The reason behind it; she knew the other people just wanted to buy it and sell it again for profit, and she loved my true love for this special piece. I was really really happy with it, and already contemplating the place I would put it, but then the next obstacle got in my way. She said we wouldn’t be able to lift it off our attic ourselves so I needed to bring someone. Because it was pretty far away from my hometown that wasn’t the easiest thing to arrange. I posted a message on my Instagram if someone near could help me, but no response. I was getting anxious because I knew I had to arrange something quick or else she would sell it to someone else. Long story short, a lot of messages/calls later, my dear dear husband saw my desperation (lol!) and offered to join me. So husband if you’re reading this: I love you.

I obviously wasn’t the only person on Marktplaats knowing this was an interesting piece so I had to act fast. I’m so glad we succeeded because I love LOVE this piece. It’s so unique.

It’s originally from China and the best part is yet to come: the woman I bought it from told me her husband used to work in showbusiness and it came from a decor. She sadly couldn’t tell me which TV-show or movie it was in, but she knew it was used on several occasions. So, if you ever see something familiar on Dutch TV, please let me know!

Now let’s show you more of this piece. It’s spectacular isn’t it?

I initially had it in mind for our bedroom, but it’s a lot bigger than I expected. As you can see, it has 4 panels while most folding screens have 3. I had a few options in mind: as a room divider in our bedroom, a headboard for our bed or in our attic. But long story short is that I wanted to look at it, so in that case the livingroom is the best option. It will probably move to another room any time soon, but for now I like this!

In this close-up you can see the amazing detailing it has. Pearl shine – could they be actual shells? They sure do look like it.

If I do get tired of it, I can simply turn it over and look at a completely different folding screen. I definitely prefer the other side, but this one is pretty cool as well.

So that’s it! For sure one of the most spectacular looking vintage finds I did. And again, if you see it on TV or recognize it from a movie, make sure to let me know! I would love to see the places it’s been.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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