Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Coloured fireplace

After I added some more color to our livingroom by adding a blue velvet Togo, I decided I needed even more. It might be summer that’s on my mind, but I wanted to go a little crazy with color. I decided we needed a coloured fireplace instead of a black one and the fun thing about painting a fireplace is that it’s such an easy job – with a big result. It only takes you a few hours to get it done and so if I get bored with this color, I simply paint it again.

I wanted to add a little warmth, so I replaced the black, which is basically a “cool” color. I really like the warmth this adds to our livingroom now. The color is called “Creatief” and I bought it at Gamma.

It combines really well with pink, which is basically a must in our house because there is some pink all around. This pink butterfly chair from Arne Jacobsen is without a doubt one of my favourite design chairs! And our daughters chair – a Stokke Tripp Trapp – is pink as well. In our household we tend to shuffle chairs a lot, but this new purple fireplace thankfully goes with every color.

So that’s the full look! Paired with the green plants and the colored chairs, yes, I like it :)

The other side of the fireplace features the latest addition to our livingroom, the Togo. On my wishlist for years and it’s the best. So comfortable, and accessible for our daughter as well because of the low setting. There is something so adorable in seeing her climb it and sitting in that big chair. Read more about this chair in THIS post.

So thank you for reading this post about our new coloured fireplace and I hope you like the new color! I wanted something fun for spring, and happy it turned out the way it did. Have a great day!

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