Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

New bedroom rug

I finally found a new rug for our bedroom! I’ve been searching for over a year to find one, and it’s finally here. It feels a bit silly saying I searched so long for such a simple bedroom rug, but the truth is I didn’t want to spend hundreds of euros on it, especially because I needed to find two (1 for the attic as well, more on that later).

A while ago I got myself a subscription to magazine Vogue Living and this came with a giftcard from Westwing. I decided that even though they sell great stuff and I loved everything I saw, I would be smart and spend it on something we needed, a rug next to the walk-in closet. At Westwing they have a standard collection, and next to that temporary sales. I had to wait a while for it, but eventually a sale popped up with a lot of gorgeous rugs and I finally found my 2 rugs. I did have to add a little cash next to giftcard, but it was definitely a great deal for 2 rugs.

This is the walk-in closet in our bedroom, such a practical space. But since the closet is all-white, I wanted to add some cosiness to it with a rug. We had a sisal rug before, but I wanted a little more comfort. I specifically looked for a high-piled rug, and glad I found it.

We can all agree that it’s much more comfortable to stand on a rug than on a cold laminate floor, right?

Next to that, I also like that this rug is a bit bigger than our previous one, 2 meters to be exact. This way I can pull it into the bedroom a bit more, and it merges those two areas together. Always a great idea!

So, who would’ve thought a hunt for simple bedroom rug would cost this much trouble. Not me! So like I said I ordered two, 1 for the 2nd floor as well. We finished our latest renovation project and it’s the perfect finishing touch there, just like it is for the bedroom.

And now let’s finish this post with my favourite photobomber, my daughter that wouldn’t leave my side while photographing for this post. Look at that cute face ♥

Thank you for reading!
x, Marrit

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