Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

My love for Eames

If anyone asks me to name my favourite designers the answer is simple: Eames. Overall I am a big fan of the designs made in the 50’s, but my biggest love goes to the designer pair Charles & Ray Eames. How special is it they were actually a married couple and their designs are so popular even to this day.

I did a quick count through our house: 8 Eames items. 7 chairs, 1 House Bird. I guess you could say I am a chair person, haha. 2 of the Eames chairs are vintage Herman Miller, 5 are produced by Vitra. The Herman Miller chairs are made of glass-fibre, but the production of that material was eventually replaced by polypropylene. So we have a diversity of those materials in our house and since the design style is similar, these two match perfectly.

The most special chair to me from Eames is this one. Not in the least because this one feels more “unique” than the other chairs. I rarely see this chair on Instagram and I can’t help it – I like that. It was a gift from me to my husband for his birthday. That already gives it a special meaning, but the design intrigues me as well. The polished look of the aluminium next to the black. And it’s comfortable as well!

The Eames DAR featured in our freshly painted bedroom. The great thing about these chairs is they work everywhere. Not only suitable for your dining table, but don’t be afraid to use them in your sitting area or bedroom as well. They are so versatile.

I am pretty sure these will not be the last Vitra chairs entering our house. I love this brand so much and the idea of them never going out of style.

But the number one item on my wishlist from Eames: the Loungechair with ottoman. The design chair of design chairs. And one day – when I grow up – I will have it.

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