Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Light Peach Blossom

I already told you about my interior struggles in this post, where I shared a sneak peek of our bedroom. In this post from last Monday, I debuted our bedroom that we painted a dark blue. Coming from white, it was big change. But like I wrote in my post, I was done with white walls and needed some color in my life.

It all started with our attic, we decided this 2nd floor was the perfect opportunity to see if darker colors would work for us. And it turned out we not only like, we LOVE it. It feels so cosy, being surrounded by colored walls. So then we decided the next step would be the bedroom. The livingroom felt like a bridge too far, and I really wasn’t sure on what color that needed to be. So we did the bedroom first and we love that as well. We love it so much, we didn’t even have to get used to it. And that’s big, going from an all-white bedroom to a dark blue!

So, back to the living room. After thinking about it for a while, we decided we didn’t want to do really dark walls for the livingroom. The floor is already pretty dark and we weren’t sure on how that would look. But suddenly I had my hallelujah moment: pink it is. This shade of pink is the same we used for our attic, which we absolutely love. Not cotton candy pink, but a lovely warm shade. And yes, my husband is completely on board with this ;-) The color is Light Peach Blossom by Little Greene. Honestly the best paint I ever used! But with pink walls, we needed a little contrast. The grey fireplace wasn’t contrast enough so that had to get painted as well..

Black it is!

I really love pink and soft colors, but I always need a little contrast, to keep it edgy. The top picture shows our livingroom with our white couch, and I’m not a big fan. It looks allright in the picture, but in real life it’s just too sweet. Lucky for me I know a new couch cover is on our way.. I ordered a brown velvet (velvet!) cover for our Ikea couch from Bemz. I’m sure this will look great next to the pink wall and give the contrast I’m looking for.

So, the next question is: should I paint more in the livingroom? I’m really doubting if I want to paint the opposite wall. This was my original idea but now that I’ve done the pink and black, I’m not sure anymore. I’m going to give it some more thought and maybe hire the help from professionals. I’m new to the world of colored walls, so open to any thoughts! And I always love a professional look; someone else always comes up with stuff you haven’t thought of.

Of course I will debut the whole livingroom once our new couch cover arrives. Stay tuned!

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