Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Stiffkey Blue

Yay! I can finally debut our bedroom make-over. If you’re new here (hi!), this is what it looked like before. And yes, that’s quite the change. Just what we wanted! We wanted something completely different. More color, more sphere; we were done with our practically all-white bedroom.

When choosing what paint color we were going to use, I used Pinterest to give us some inspiration. Basically we knew already we were going for a dark color, and doubted between dark green and dark blue. I find Pinterest always very useful in cases like this, so I pinned some blue and green bedrooms and eventually we found ourselves more fond of the blue ones. So blue it was! Now only to find the perfect blue..

I am a big fan of paint by Farrow & Ball. More expensive, but you get what you pay for. More pigment, deeper colors. Ever since we used more expensive paint, we realized it was much better. Easier to paint with even! So I took my Farrow & Ball color chart and took all the blues out. We knew we didn’t want the blue to be too bright, it had to be a dark shade. Even a bit grayish, a muted blue. We doubted a lot between “Stiffkey Blue” and “Hague Blue” and went for the first. We didn’t want it to be too dark, so Stiffkey Blue it was!

When we applied our first layer I got a little frightened because it was very bold. But as we added more layers (3 in total) the color became darker and deeper. And I might be crazy – but I swear it even changed a little after a few days. In a good way! The color is so rich, I love it. And as you can see, our white window frames pop out now and I love that.

For us our bedroom feels very luxurious now, hotel-like maybe. The thing is: we didn’t have to get used to it at all! And that’s always a good thing. It was right from the very beginning.

So yes, we are very happy with the bold make-over of our bedroom! And on the photos it might feel a little dark – trust me it’s not. There is enough light in this room and the white floor adds a lot of freshness. It’s always hard to capture a color on photos, but I think this post represents the color quite right!

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