Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Fritz Hansen series 7 chair

On my wishlist for a long time: a chair from the series 7 from Fritz Hansen. Designed by Arne Jacobsen, a true design classic! And as you might know, I am a sucker for design classics. Some are already in our house, some still high on my wishlist. But this one is here and I am in love!

Hanging our new Flos 265 lamp meant we had to make some changes to this area. We removed the Ay Illuminate that was hanging here before so it felt too empty for my liking. So I added some plants in terracotta pots, a table cloth and started searching for new dining room chairs. But the hardest part was choosing the right color for this butterfly chair. I doubted about them all, black to match the lamp, white to match our interior, yellow to add some color.. And then I saw the pink. I love it!

Pink is a color that is always featured in our house. In pillows, in our vintage rug.. It is the perfect color I wish for in a home: it adds color but not too much, and adds a lot of warmth as well. And what do you know, this chair by Fritz Hansen has the exact same tone of pink of the Tripptrapp we have for our daughter. Out of all the shades of pink, what are the odds of that?

Like I said I also added some plants to our dressoir, with the clean lines of our new lamp it needed a little more dressing up. I like terracotta pots because they add texture and are pretty cheap to buy. They stand out against the dark green plants and our white walls.

So this is the view from our kitchen door. A lot of black and white, but compensated by the use of wood, plants, fabric and the soft color pink of our new chair. And flowers, always flowers on our dining table!

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