Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Sneak peek bedroom

As you might know – if you are following my Instagram you probably do – I am in the middle of a big interior transformation. While renovating our attic we decided to use darker colors and the truth is: we absolutely love it there. It feels so warm and cosy, being surrounded by those rich colors. So while I always described our house as white and fresh, I am more and more leaning towards darker and warmer colors.

In my life as an interior lover/stylist I always preach on how it’s no problem at all to mix different interior styles. As a matter of fact, I strongly encourage it since you can create a very personal interior by simply putting together items you love instead of only focusing on 1 particular style. In our house we have a collection of styles and I feel it works perfectly fine together.

However, transforming from a white and fresh interior to a dark, moody one is a different story. You really can’t combine them – at least not in 1 room. I prefer strong gestures, so simply painting 1 wall in a dark color and leaving everything else white isn’t going to do the trick. So I find myself struggling with this topic, at least for the livingroom. Because what walls should we paint and in what color?

For the bedroom however we were pretty confident, we would transform it hugely by painting all walls, instead of the 1 colored wall we had. We felt it was a smaller step painting the bedroom than the livingroom. The only doubt we had was between green and blue. I always use Pinterest in these cases, selecting green and blue bedrooms and we felt we preferred the blue ones.

Long story short, our complete bedroom is dark blue! I am only giving you a sneak peek since I am working on a little project and then I will show you the full picture.

In the meantime my daughter and me had some fun with the autotimer on my camera. Wearing her on my back in a beautiful wrap by Artipoppe.

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