Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Our house on the blog of Tanja

I love Instagram, probably mostly because of the nice people I have met there. Last Saturday Tanja from tanjavanhoogdalem.nl visited our house, after we first met at an IKEA Event a while ago. We decided that 1 hour of chatting wasn’t enough, so she drove all the way from her home town to mine. We had a great day with a lot of chatting about interior (of course), but she also photographed our house! The result is now live on her blog, and I love it. She is such a good photographer and it’s always nice to see how someone else sees your home. I find it very inspirational to see her take on our house with all new perspectives.

Make sure to read her blogpost HERE!

Thank you Tanja for our lovely day and your beautiful photos!

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