Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Vitra Nelson Bench

With a little delay, our Vitra Nelson Bench is finally here! We bought it last year in December already but had to wait a little longer. A little impatient, as I was really excited for it to arrive! I have always loved this design and after I watched a hometour on YouTube where I saw something similar, I bit the bullet and ordered.

I think the design is gorgeous, with the ash wooden slats on top, and the black base. But what I love most of all, is how versatile this piece of furniture is. It is truly a design classic. We immediately had the idea to use it in our bedroom as a styling item, but it can be so much more. In the photo above you see it as an extension of our coffee table.

We have a glass coffee table and I simply slid this one under. It makes the space more 3-dimensional and I love that. The light wood color also adds some softness. As our livingroom is quite packed with furniture yet, a transparant coffeetable such as glass is a great idea, or something that feels airy like this bench. It keeps the space from feeling too packed.

For now though, we’ll have it in our bedroom as this beautiful focal point in our walkincloset.

I kept the styling fairly simple with some books and magazines. For some height I added a vintage table lamp, and topped it off with some green and a scented candle. I feel a minimalistic design like this works best with a minimalistic styling. I’ve tried some colorful options but I felt the neutral palette worked best!

This bench is designed by George Nelson (what’s in a name..) for Vitra. There is a small and big version, this is the small. This size fits our house the best! Whenever ordering something, always keep in mind the destination and what size would work there. As well as our bedroom and the living room, this bigger size would simply be too big.

And while I kept the styling of the new bench muted colorwise, I can do so as this room is so colorful already. Blue walls, caramel ceiling, pink persian rugs.. No worries there! These dried flowers in our window sill add the final touch.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Love, Marrit

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