Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Coffee table styling

Today I wanted to share the coffee table styling we currently have going on. When I first bought this vintage glass table it was empty most of the time, but in recent months I’ve been really enjoying stepping up my styling game and cover it with beautiful coffee table books & magazines.

Coffee table books are definitely one of my favorite pieces to style with. And next to that, they are great conversation starters as well. I can guarantee that having a beautiful and interesting coffee table book in plain sight will get noticed by visitors. I am a big fan of my interior books, but the most eye popping is definitely the red/purple Frida Kahlo book. This one ALWAYS gets noticed when we have people over.

Next to books, I love magazines. They look great, it’s easy to fill your table with and in this case I combined closed and open magazines. Let me show you!

Next to those magazines, you also need to add some height. I did this by adding candle holders, and this new gold table light. As you can see in the photo below, I guess I like round shaped lights, ha!

The white floor light is a Panthella by Louis Poulsen, and it was the first item we bought for our new house. 5 years later and we still absolutely adore it ♥

The last addition to my coffee table styling are these gemstones. Rose quartz, rock crystal & amethyst, also known as the “golden triangle”. Wether you believe in their powers or not, I for one just really enjoy looking at these gorgeous stones. Some I bought secondhand, but I’m a big fan of the website of The Spirit Junkies.

On the opposite of our couch there is my favorite living room corner, I’ve shared more of this in this post.

So I hope you liked this post! Just a short recap of what our coffee table looks like these days. Wishing you a wonderful day and in all Corona-madness: stay inside, stay safe ♥

Love, Marrit

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