Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

DIY co-sleeper


Yeah guys, I’m back! Let’s end the small maternity leave from my blog with a kids-related DIY. I need to share this super easy DIY co-sleeper with you, as I’m certain it will help a lot of you. Cost? Only €40, ain’t that great? Let me show you more.


We wanted our newborn daughter to sleep in our bedroom and so we we’re looking for a co-sleeper or something similar. The advantage of a co-sleeper is that this bed has the same height as the parents’ bed. Easy to pick up your baby and close to you as well. But, co-sleepers are usually pretty expensive and so I wanted to find a cheaper alternative.


We used an Ikea bed called SNIGLAR and turned it into a co-sleeper. This way we have all the advantages of a co-sleeper, but are able to use this bed later as a normal baby bed as well. Talk about win win! Let me share the steps with you.


1. Assemble the bed by following the instructions by IKEA, but leave one side out. You will see that this will hardly effect the stability.
2. In our case the height turned out to be perfect next to our bed (see image above). But you might need to make the bed higher or lower, depending on the height of your bed. I can’t show you myself and since it’s hard to explain by using only words, I’ve found a website for you that shows you exactly how to adjust the height. This is to be found HERE. Once you’re done with this step make sure to add a tie-wrap (or robe, whatever) to make sure the bottom can’t escape from the holes. This will add extra stability as well.
3. This is a important step! Secure the co-sleeper to your bed to avoid a gap between the 2 mattresses. In our case not that important yet since we use this rattan basket, but you can imagine this being very important when your kid is sleeping on their own mattress and start rolling around. Yikes!
4. And you’re done!


We are very happy about this DIY. It looks good, didn’t cost much and isn’t it great to do it yourself instead of buying it new from a store? I hope to inspire you with this post and that you’re happy about finding this budget friendly baby bed. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate emailing me via info@donebymyself.nl! I’d love to answer any uncertainties.

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