Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

4 ways to style a pouf


Today I want to show you the versatility of a pouf. This beautiful white leather one is from Riad Lifestyle and offers a great deal of possibilities to use in your home.


First one up is to use the pouf as a nightstand. A styling tip: use a (wooden) cutting board so you can place stuff on it. Your glasses, your mobile phone or – in my case – some beautiful flowers. We all need a nightstand for the items we like to keep close during the night and it’s so nice to think outside the box and use a not-so-standard item for it.


The bay window in our bedroom holds this beautiful chair and of course a pouf looks really good next to it. A comfy chair with a pouf, what else could we need to relax?


Obviously this pouf looks good in the livingroom as well. The white leather combines really good with our white couch and persian rug. During birthday parties very practical to use as an extra seat but.. Basically a pouf is to rest your feet on.

See? ;) Thank you husband for posing!

So, like I said a lot of possibilities with a pouf. Get yours now via the beautiful webshop Riad Lifestyle! What’s your favorite?

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