Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Dining area


Previously we had a round table, a cheap one I bought secondhand. I really liked the feel of a round table in our house but I wasn’t loving the table itself. So I sold it but we just can’t seem to decide on a new table. I wasn’t really loving this temporary table we now have so I bought a linen table cloth from H&M to make it more fitting to our home. A budget friendly way to create a new look for your dining area!


The difference is pretty big between a round or rectangular table. We just can’t make up our mind.. Let’s think about it some more! If you have any ideas on a nice table for us, please let me know :)


These Ikea Besta cabinets were on the other side of the room before, but I love them here. You see that plant? It’s getting so big!

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