Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Walk-in closet makeover


Interior-wise I prefer a minimalistic style but I have to admit I overdo it sometimes. That in combination with my love for white some areas in the house I haven’t decorated yet can feel a bit too cold to be comfy. So today I show you the result of a small makeover I did in our walk-in closet.

Let me show you before:

I know, almost scary right?

And the after:

I simply added a different chair, a model with fabric to add some texture as well as the wooden frame. It immediately creates cosiness but I wanted a carpet as well. This one is from Ikea and it’s called Tilst. It’s pretty neutral with some colors to make it pop. The size fits perfect here. At last I added a light, it’s also by Ikea and called Joxtorp. Originally it’s orange but I painted it black to match the other black light in our bedroom, see post HERE.


I really like the result and it only cost us €27! I love doing projects like this, big effort by using as few money as possible. It certainly matches our bedroom better now. What do you think?


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