Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 13: update kitchen


A second part on the blog today about our kitchen renovation, the previous part is HERE. While in the previous blogpost we still had a part of our old kitchen, it’s gone now. It’s gone!

If you ever renovated a house, you will probably recognize the part where I tell you I had enough, right in the middle of the renovation. Because when you start rebuilding your kitchen, your house is a complete mess. Instruction books everywhere, tools and let’s not forget the dust. Dust everywhere! Cleaning and trying to organize the mess doesn’t make any sense since you’re working and need all those things. Usually these moments pass, and thankfully it did again this time. Now let’s start talking about our kitchen!


While it is still a big mess, we’re seeing big process here. We installed the kitchen cabinets and are now ready to install the worktop and with that we can install our new stove and sink. Yiha! The next step then will be installing the drawers. And then we’re about finished right? (Can you tell I’m trying to stay positive here?)


These drawers are from Ikea – well the whole kitchen is – and it’s called Nodsta. In between the mess it is so much fun to install something from the finished product and being completely in awe about the result. If you are renovating here is my top tip: always try to finish 1 thing to keep seeing progress, it keeps you motivated for the rest.

We are excited and can’t wait to proceed to the next step!

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