Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 16: update hallway


While we are nowhere near finishing our hallway I still wanted to give you an update. Throughout our renovation everything was going smooth and steady.. Till we met our new enemy: the hallway. We knew we had to renovate it now, or else we wouldn’t bother at all. Which is pretty strange, since your hallway is the first impression of your home. It should match the rest of the house and not make you want to leave right away. But, enough chit-chat, let’s go to the before pictures.


Yellow & pinkish purple, I think we can all agree that doesn’t match our livingroom (at, all)..


I’ve written about the renovation of our 1st floor landing before, you can find it HERE. The purple changed to black and the yellow stripes are white.


My brother was kind enough to remove the orange carpet (8 months ago) so we were looking at a green stairs since. I think we spent at least 4 weekends stripping the stairs but it looks good now. Very hard work, but we made it. Can I get a hallelujah?


While it is not finished yet, it looks more fresh and more “us”. I’ll keep you updated on our process, hope you enjoyed these before shots. Have a great day!


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