Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation pt 18: new ceiling


While this room is not finished (at all) I thought I’d share some images with you today of a new renovation project we’re currently working on. This room was already finished, if you’re interested, there’s a before-and-after HERE. But, this room had a certain smell in it and we were afraid we would have a mold brewing above our ceiling. While the ceiling wasn’t that great to start with, we thought the best idea was to remove it.


We were not sure what to expect, but definitely not this. O my! Those beams, that color.. I’m in love!


It wasn’t a hard decision to make, those beams gotta stay and that color too. I love the vintage feel of this color, it makes me feel the history of our old house. The powerpoints were a problem though, because they knew they would cover it up, they just drilled holes everywhere. Sniff!


But a huge hurray for my husband who fixed this problem by shifting all those powerpoints to the sides, so there almost invisible now.


I will definitely give you an update once this room is finished, but I felt this process was too good not to share. Hope you enjoyed it!

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