Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Dutchbone Devi

When it comes to decorating, I always claim that this takes a lot more time than you initially think. Decorating a home doesn’t come in days, it takes weeks or even months so fully decorate a room to their full potential. I always advice to take the time for it, and start living in an unfinished room. This way you get to know the room and experience what the room needs when it comes to practicality and sphere. So when it comes to our attic, you can imagine this would take even more time, because we hardly visit this room. But when it comes to decorating, it’s always nice to add a few lights next to the ceiling spot. It always adds sphere to any room.

So we added this wall light to the room, by brand I love Dutchbone. I’ve been eyeing this light for a while now and figured it would be perfect for this area. I love the vintage feel of the design, accentuated by the combination of gold and green. I already had a light of this brand, I really love their collection of lights. So for this room we now have a green wall, a green couch and a green light. You tell me, how much green is too much green?

A light above the couch is very practical, especially if it’s a light you can adjust. We all know how frustrating it can be to read a book without a good light. This way you simply adjust it above your head and you have the perfect light for a read.

And this is the overall look of our attic room! It’s very cosy with the colored walls and the kelim. At the moment (it’s winter time) it’s a bit too cold to sit here, but I’m sure we will spend many cosy evenings once temperatures will be rising again. Yay!

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