Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

The Poster Club

I know, I know. Yesterday on Instagram I posted a picture of Mia and me on our new bed. But! Last weekend I took these photos with the new poster above our bed and I still had to show these. So, this will be the last post on the blog with this bed! We upgraded to a bigger bed, yay us. Soon on the blog!

This poster is from The Poster Club and to me it represents the change I went through when it comes to interior style. Before I would always choose black and white posters, with graphic lines and shapes. But with more and more color entering our house I suddenly fell more in love with organic shapes and colors. And what’s more “organic shape” than a female body? I love art with bodies on it and I have to be careful not to hang my whole house with them, haha. So when it came to the selection of The Poster Club, I knew exactly this one I loved the most.

Next to the shapes, I love the soft muted colors of it. It amazes me how much you can change the look of a room using colors. You can imagine it would look totally different with a bright red poster. But I love that soft shade of gray and how it softens the wall color as well. (It’s Stiffkey Blue by Farrow & Ball if you’re wondering)

Last weekend we also added this desk to the bedroom again. It’s been standing in our livingroom for a long time as my workspace, but it’s a little small to work on properly. So we are looking into alternatives and for now this desk moved back to the bedroom, where it looks so good. It accentuates the bay window perfectly!

So that’s the overall look of our bedroom! This poster will definitely be used in our “new” bedroom with the new bed as well. Soon on the blog!

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