Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Dutchbone Eclipse

Today I’m sharing a little update on my workspace on the blog. A while ago my beloved MacBook broke down twice in a row and with my job as a photographer working with deadlines I can’t do without a computer. So we decided to up our game with an iMac and therefor we needed to set up a workspace in the livingroom. I already had this desk but it needed a little more. And look! This beautiful brass table light from Dutchbone fits the scene perfectly.

With my MacBook I worked anywhere, even on the couch if I felt like it. The downside of an iMac is that you aren’t that mobile anymore, but it gave me a great excuse to restyle my desk. And I love a good excuse to change anything, haha.

Copper has been an interior trend for a while now but brass is back as well! I love brass, it looks exclusive and has a vintage feel to it. This light feels extra vintage due to the design. Am I the only one that gets this mid 60’s feel from it? I can totally see this in a serie like Mad Men, standing in a dark room on a desk.

Dutchbone is a brand that focuses on industrial design and mostly uses dark colors. I really love other items they sell as well. When people ask me about my interior style I usually answer that it’s mostly Scandinavian, but with a little bit more edge. I feel the brand Dutchbone is a great addition to our interior and I already have some new items on my wishlist.

I like to keep my workspace clean and simple but I do feel every workspace could use some plants to add some contrast next to the materialistic things. I think the green colors match the brass light beautifully!

The small plant pot is a DIY with marble foil, where I blogged about earlier. By combining brass with marble my workspace is very on trend.

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