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Learn how to do it yourself.

Eames DSW

A new chair in town and isn’t it pretty! I’ve had this color Vitra Eames DSW on my wishlist for such a long time, after I’ve seen it pop up a few times. To me it was love at first sight. It’s a color that works surprisingly well with other colors, and such a statement. I love statements when it comes to interior. Life is way too short for boring chairs, right?

A while ago the new light above our dining table made it’s debut here on the blog, you can see it HERE. Pink is a much-used color here at home, and at this time it’s considered a “neutral” for me. It really works with everything. Even with a bright orange/red, as I find this chair is described best. Eames offers a few reds in their collection; a “classic” red, an “oxide” red and this one, simply called “red”. The oxide red is more of a bordeaux to me, and the classic red is – well, a classic. But as I love items with a bang, this one was my favorite.

As I said before this color works surprisingly well with other colors, more than you would probably think. In our case it’s seen mostly with pink and green, the two main colors of our living room.

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog you already know I am a big lover of the brand Vitra. I did a quick count and came to 7 chairs of this brand, in our house. And I’m pretty sure it won’t stay with that number, as I love the timeless designs of their chairs. I’m very happy I can cross this one of my wishlist, we love it very much!

Thank you for reading and have a great day! ♥

Love, Marrit

P.S. This post is written in collaboration with Flinders. I only work with brands/shops I love.

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