Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Vintage light

It’s vintage and made out of pink glass – what more could I wish for. After a long search we finally found a light for our dining room table. Isn’t it amazing? We have been searching for a light here for such a long time, as we found it so difficult to find a light that would match the FLOS 265 that is on the wall. As that is quite the statement, not every light is that suited next to it. But finally, finally, we found it.

I bought it via Marktplaats and my brother in-law picked it up for us, as it was much closer to his house than ours. I briefly mentioned to him it might be heavy, as it’s made of glass. Little did I know it would be around 10 kilo’s! You can imagine we were a bit cautious with hanging it to our ceiling, but after gaining advice from several people, we felt it was safe enough. I will honestly admit I still find myself checking the ceiling for cracks once in a while, but that’s silly – I know.

I’m very curious about the story of this lamp, mostly where it’s from. I once saw a similar light in Stockholm, while visiting my brother there. I already loved it there so it’s quite the funny story that we have it above the table now. If anyone knows something about this light – country of origin or the year it was made, I would love to know!

I love that it’s a statement on it’s own but doesn’t distract from the FLOS 265 light. In other words, exactly the type of light we were searching for.

Thank you for reading!

Love, Marrit

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