Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Eames House Bird

The Eames House Bird, a true design icon. Eagle-eyed readers might have spotted it in my previous blogpost, about our restyled bedroom. Items like this make my heart sing and I cannot tell you why. It’s just a bird, I know. But do you agree it looks really good on our fireplace?

If you’re interested in the story behind this House Bird, you can read “A Bird’s Story” on Vitra’s website. (you can change the language to your preference). Because you might not know that this bird is not designed by Eames themselves, they just loved it so much and put it in their Eames House.

Well I love it too and I am very happy with it! I bought it at Jan de Jong, a beautiful interior store in Leeuwarden. Definitely worth a visit if you’re a design lover!

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