Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

New dining table: Ikea Slahult

Yes! We finally decided on a new dining table. Sold the round one, placed a temporary table and a huge item on my to-do list. And while we were ready to decide on an expensive table this time, we ended up with an IKEA instead, called Slahulst. Let me show you more :)

An oval table, not too big. We love it! It makes our livingroom feel really spacious. While the husband wasn’t really sure about the round table, this he likes better. I really like the Scandinavian feel of this table, with the wooden legs and white top. I did add a rug under it, because I don’t like wood on wood. A very easy way to avoid this is by adding a rug.

I’ve changed some of the chairs. I went for an all-Scandinavian look with only white chairs. And to add some color the Muuto Elevated with flowers. I do feel it would be nice to change the light above the table to something a bit darker, so that might be a new thing to change. I’m thinking about 2 smaller lights. The only thing that I prefer about one light above the table, is being able to still move the table around. That’s not possible with 2 lights, unfortunately. So I’m going to give it some more thought and we’ll see where we end up!

This table is called SLAHULT and also available with different legs. You just pick the one that suits your home best.

And the overall view! What do you think about our new table? And would you agree that a new light would be better and more suitable to our home?

I have to thank Instagrammer tibods for the inspiration. We browsed the Ikea website several times but we didn’t feel they had a table that suited our interior until I saw it on his Instagram. So credit where credit is due; thank you!

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