Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Ikea Ypperlig

If you are a follower of my blog you’re probably thinking why on earth we have a new table – again. We are not that good with tables, or at least choosing one. We had a rectangular table at first, traded it for a round one – but my husband didn’t like it. Our last table was an oval one, but we always felt it was a bit small. If you are a follower of my Instagram this new dining table change is not that unexpected. I asked for advice regarding this table, if it could fit 6 chairs. And it could! So we are very happy to have a bigger table in our house now.

I am big lover of designer chairs so we have a lot of chairs in this household. And to be honest: lately I seriously wondered what I would do with all the chairs. They were everywhere. With our previous table suitable for only 4 chairs – among which 1 for our daughter – we needed a bit more space. As you can see this table holds 6 chairs with ease, and I just love the variety this brings. I love to mix & match chairs and see them all to their full potential.

I’ve known for a while now that one of my favorite designer brands HAY would do a collection for IKEA. Man, that had my name written all over it. So I was very excited about the launch of the Ypperlig collection this October, and only recently found out it involved a table as well. We loved it! We’ve been eyeing a table from HAY for a while now, but weren’t sure if we wanted to invest over €1’000 on a table. So yes, this was pretty perfect :)

New furniture always inspires me to make some changes around the house. Now winter is coming I added a big plant to the end of the table – we won’t be opening the garden doors soon anyway. I feel it’s the perfect combination with the Eames House Bird and the hourglass, also from Ikea.

So yes, we really like our new Ypperlig table and the warmth it brings to our livingroom.

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