Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.


Our new Bemz sofa cover is here! This means we restyled the whole sitting area and I love showing you the result :)

Our previous sofa cover was white, although, after a few years not very white anymore. We were in desperate need for a new couch and I found myself searching but couldn’t find the perfect match. The truth was that this sofa was perfect for us, size and design wise; it just needed an update. And then I found the website Bemz.com, that makes design covers for IKEA furniture. How cool is that? It was the perfect solution to our problem, we could keep the couch and simply update it with a new cover.

And there it is! A brown velvet couch. I love love it. Velvet is very on trend at the moment and it feels very chic. I knew from the start I wanted a velvet cover, but it turned out to be a pretty tough choice. Luckily they have a service where you can choose 5 fabric samples and see which one you like best. I posted this photo of the samples on my Instagram and got a lot of response. Most people said I should go for green, but the samples gave me the opportunity to see it with our persian rug and it didn’t match. I doubted a long time between blue and brown, and eventually trusted my gut and went with the brown. I felt it would be a little more unique than blue, and I like that.

Velvet, oh velvet. Isn’t it lovely? It adds a lot of texture to the room, which is always a good idea. I’ve added some pillows in different colors, they all look great with the brown.

The freshly painted nude walls and the gold mirror accentuate the earthy feel, that I wanted to have more in our house.

I also added some new green plants to our house. Always a good idea if you want to add character to your room. I can’t imagine a livingroom without plants :)

So if you’re feeling you need to replace your IKEA couch, make sure to check out the option of simply adding a new cover from Bemz. I showed you our velvet cover but they also have beautiful fabrics like linen, cotton and even from recycled materials. Make sure to check out their “loose fit linen” as well, as that can completely transform your couch. Worth a look, if you ask me!

Thank you for reading and have a great day <3

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