Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Muuto Loom Throw


Oh man, I’m so happy to write this post for you guys. This means room 1 in our attic renovation is DONE! Can you believe it? I know I can’t. And I will not be showing you the whole thing – sorry ‘bout that – but there’s plenty to enjoy, trust me. If you’re not a long-time follower of our renovation or simply would like to see where we started, there are 4 posts for you to enjoy. Part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.

So! *breathing in*, let’s see more of this room, shall we?

We wanted to do things a little different in this room. That meant adding some color to the walls – in this case Studio Green by Farrow & Ball. And using colorful accessories, like this Loom Throw Plaid by Muuto. I love these colors together and they make me so happy. They are perfect for coming fall season, so warm and cosy. This plaid is designed by Simon Key Bertman.

I feel the choice of color for this plaid represents the change we wanted to make in this room – and in my interior style. A year ago, maybe even half a year ago, I would’ve chosen safer colors. And now I find myself falling head over heels with all sorts of colors and loving the effect they give!

In this room we painted the original wooden floor white, and we added a berber-style rug. Plaids and rugs are great ways to add some sphere into your room, so always consider this while decorating.

And this is the overall view. On the right a dark green, on the left a nude pink. Combined with white and lots of color and texture, this room felt very cosy soon. The couch is a sleeping couch – which is very practical when it comes to guests. This way you won’t need to have a bed that will stand in your way most of the time, where a couch is much prettier as well. Because of the sleeping couch we already had, we decided to make some sort of a second livingroom here. A place where you can relax, work, read or whatever you prefer. We find ourself already loving this room very much.

I will also give you a little sneak of the 2nd floor landing, since the colors match so well with each other. Here we chose a “wine red” from our local Do It Yourself store. I will definitely share this room with you later, but for now it’s nowhere near finished.

Hope you liked the sneak peek of this room, I know I did :) Of course I will share more later on, so make sure to follow my Facebook and/or Instagram for updates!

(Oh – and the beautiful art above the couch is by Amber!)

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