Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Attic renovating update

Last thursday I blogged the last pictures of our attic before the dormer and new windows arrived. And yay, they did! Last Friday was the day we’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Enough with the chitchat, let’s talk photos!

The new dormer is approximately twice as big so this means more room and more light.

We decided to keep the layout of this floor as it was: 2 rooms and a landing. This is the other room that features the new dormer.

But since the dormer is facing the north, we knew we wanted to add windows to the front as well for extra light. We wanted to add 3 windows but that wasn’t allowed (read why HERE), then we tried for 2 bigger, that wasn’t allowed as well so this is what we eventually ended up with. You can see it already brings in a lot of extra light and we are really looking forward to finishing the rest, so there will be more white to reflect the light.

So last Friday we had 3 men working on our home. It is a pretty spectacular sight to see a big hole in your house and a dormer flying over.

This is us, thinking “what the *bleep* just happened?” :)

We went from this:

To this!

(I feel the need to protect our privacy, especially those of our neighbors so hence the black and white pictures)

The biggest change without a doubt is this area, the landing. This had no windows so it was very dark, always. It makes me so happy to see the light here, walking up the stairs.

Last weekend I already painted some areas white and the difference is huge. You can see the yellow door on the left, the white looks so much better. Yay! We have some great plans for the stairs as well but for now it’s not a priority yet. Of course I will blog about this once ready :)

We are going to use a special sort of isolation so that the beams will still be visible – or at least half of it. We started sanding them and I thought I’d show you the result. I really love the light raw look of the wood and can’t wait to see it combined with white walls.

So yeah, we are pretty happy! Last weekend was all about renovating, my husband and I working very hard with the first chores. This coming week will be all about renovating and this means a huge change in the look of our attic. I will keep you updated on this process!

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