Learn how to do it yourself.

Learn how to do it yourself.

Renovation attic: before the dormer

We have been living in this house for 2,5 years now and not a weekend has gone by that we weren’t renovating. Sometimes it’s hard, it takes a lot of our time and money. Sometimes I am sick of the constant mess we live in. Or the noise, that comes with renovating. What keeps us going is the love for our house and the results we see. My number one tip (I blogged about “how to survive a renovation” HERE) is to do 1 project at the time. This way you keep it manageable and keep certain parts of the house comfortable enough to live in. But the most important reason to do this is because you keep seeing result, which keeps you motivated. Every time we finish a room, we are so proud of ourselves! And we completely fall in love with our house again. And that’s important, to keep the faith.

So enough wining and lecturing, let’s get to my point: the new dormer and windows for our attic will arrive tomorrow! Ieek!

2,5 years on renovation also means 2,5 years of fantasizing about how great our attic is going to be. Very early on in the progress we decided to remove the ceiling so that we could see the roof-ridge of our house. This would mean we would lose some storage, because of the floor above it (the actual attic). But we were too excited about this idea, so we just went for it (see blogpost HERE). The second floor of our house already featured a dormer but it was small and in terrible state. So we knew we wanted to replace that with a bigger one and have some windows in the front for more light. Our process of finding a new dormer and windows was a bit of a challenge (also written about HERE) but we succeeded with a smaller dormer and 2 instead of 3 windows for the front. So yeah, tomorrow!

Let me show you the before:

The dormer in this room will be approximately twice as big. More light, more room!

Here you can see the effect of removing the ceiling. We left the beams cause we liked the look of it and as a reminder of the ceiling that used to be there.

The other side of the room, that will have 1 window. If you look closely, you can see we draw it in red. From left to right, exactly in the middle. This will mean so much more light for this room!

This room we renovated before, the easy way, so we would have a room for a desk and our sleeping couch. See blogposts here and here. Same story as the other room, the dormer will be approximately twice as big. Since this is a much smaller room, I’m guessing we will see the biggest effect here.

This floor also features a landing (I know, messy!) and we will have one window here as well. This will create a lot of light. The windows we ordered are almost 1m by 1m, so pretty big.

Having a window near the landing also means this stairs finally gets to see some light. We have some great ideas for this stairs but I will share them later!

So, a lot of terrible pictures but hey, this can only mean it gets better right? We are off for those last chores that need to be done before the construction workers arrive, and I will write an update again on Monday! Our renovation continues.. Can’t wait to show you the result of our work this weekend and I am just as curious as you are about the result..

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